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AML/CFT Complete Course (Version 2021.05)
‣ est. duration: 4.45 hours
Version 2021.05 This course will introduce you to the Anti-Money Laundering Act (AMLA), and will help you understand that AMLA is not just a law to be followed but it is also established to protect you.
AML/CFT Foundation Course (Version 2021.04)
‣ est. duration: 3.1 hours
Version 2021.04 This course contains the foundation modules of AML/CFT which includes: AML Key Concepts, 2018 Implementing Rules and Regulations, and Parts 1 and 2 of the Updated AML Rules and Regulations
Casino Implementing Rules & Regulations
‣ est. duration: 60 mins
Learn about R.A. NO. 10927 and Casino Implementing Rules & Regulations (CIRR) through several featured rules, carefully selected based on their significance and impact on covered persons.
Detecting Forged IDs and Documents
‣ est. duration: 45 mins
The discovery of fraud can significantly impact the course and outcome of an investigation. In this overview course, you will discover the steps to verify customer details – whether in-person or with the use of technology - and at the same time enable you to meet various statutory obligations. You will also learn key concepts like identity and due diligence.